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Alma Chua taps out the numbers of the local pizza delivery company on her telephone. A cheery voice answers promptly and takes her order. A few minutes later the pizza delivery boy is at Alma's door, and deciding that the pizza delivery boy is more appetising than a pizza, Alma invites him inside. Alma Chua sex is on her mind. Tossing the pizza box aside, Alma pulls off her vivid red top and shrugs off her pants, and he follows her lead. Alma pushes him back on to her sofa, and grabs his hardening cock in her hand, eagerly pressing her lips to the head, her tongue circling it. He moans and leans back as Alma sucks on the head working the shaft with her slim hand. He rises from the sofa and Alma is seated at the opposite corner, her full breasts playing across her body, her thighs widening as he takes a lubricant and prepares her for his entrance. Pulling her fully back onto the sofa he moves between her spread thighs and drives himself deep inside her wet pussy. He begins to pound her into the sofa with hard and deep strokes and Alma bites her lip as he pleasures her. His hands grasps the sofa as he pounds back and forth into her tight pussy. As he flips her onto her side he drives himself even deeper inside her as Alma bites her lip and looks up into his eyes, her lustful promise fulfilled. Alma rises from the sofa and mounts him, quickly devouring his hard cock in her pussy. She works herself back and forth against him, grinding his manhood against her pussy. As she leans back for him to suck her breasts he cups a breast in his hand. Then with a groan he withdraws, and Alma tumbles back onto the sofa, her long black hair overflowing it as he begins to gush over her face. Alma Chua sex concludes as he pumps his into seed all over her face.

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