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The sweet Filipina beams a wide smile, her light brown hair touching her bare shoulders. Her small breasts crowned with thick brown nipples. A man steps forward, and, eager for her Filipina facial the girl seizes his cock in her hand, her mouth widening as she gazes at the tip. Her thick brown nipples extend, hard and he presses her forward. The girl takes the head of his cock in her mouth, her thick nipples are reaching out begging further attention. The girl comes up for air, the head of the cock popping from her mouth. She takes the hard cock in a slim hand, fingernails blood red. Her lips begin to play up on the tip of his erection. With a baleful look she glances at his hardness and slowly her mouth sinks down onto the shaft, her hands steadying herself on his thighs. She plunges deeper down the shaft, her eyes tight shut as she reaches towards his balls. She works harder and harder on his hard cock until finally he pulls free, working his hard shaft with a hand until it explodes over her face in long gouts of hot cum. Her eyes closed shut his cum trips down her face and on to her breasts. This Filipina facial complete the girl opens her eyes and sucks on the head of the still gushing cock.

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